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Freddie Daily

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Fred Bousquet Fan Community
Welcome! to Freddie Daily, a community for fans of French/Auburn swimmer Frédérick Bousquet.

RULES? We got your rules:
  1. Keep it Freddie. This really should go without saying, but I'm putting it out there just in case. General swimming news is good, as long as it pertains to Freddie's swimming. Not sure if you should post it? Ask. It's pretty easy.

  2. Drama and gossip? No thanks. Leave them elsewhere. We would like to maintain a friendly, welcoming environment here in the community. Posts and comments attempting to bring gossip or drama into the community will be deleted, and if it becomes a habit, banning will occur. This includes bitching and moaning about aspects of Freddie's private life, issues with other members, etc. Take it to a personal LJ if needed, just keep it out of the community.

  3. Please, for the love of Biscuit, tag your entries. If there is not an appropriate tag, use the !tag needed tag and I or one of the mods will take care of it.

  4. We all love the candid pictures, videos, awesome icons, etc. Please remember to post your source when sharing, and please have permission to share what you are posting. This seems to be an issue all over LJ and we really would like to avoid such troubles. Similarly, if you wish to post something found in the community elsewhere, please ask permission of the original poster first. Unauthorized cross-posting, to or from the community, will result in banning. We just don't want to mess around with it, okay?

  5. The Pictures. We know they are out there. Let's leave them out there.

  6. Please place any ginormous images behind a cut. Don't get me wrong, we love those high-res shots, but out of respect to your fellow members, let's stick anything too huge behind a cut. What's too huge? Use your best judgement.

  7. Still unsure about something? sonicole, meowbunnymeow or meganrenee323 are here to help you.

Affiliates? Yeah, we want 'em.


Please message sonicole to become an affiliate.

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